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          For nearly 50 years, Kinetico has produced the most amazing water systems on the planet.

          Longest Lasting. Lowest Maintenance. Best Performing Water Treatment Systems.

          Outfit your residential, commercial, or industrial space with award-winning whole house water filtration systems, water softeners, drinking water purification systems, and water heaters.

          Free Phone Consultation

          Schedule a quick chat with one of our water treatment specialists today!


          Free In-Home Estimate

          Receive an in-home water analysis and detailed water treatment prescription for your home!

          Every Little Drop Counts is our little way of giving back, and with your help we can raise a tidal wave of support.

          Join us in Supporting Custom Canines Service Dog Academy

          Help Us Place a Canine Hero With an American Hero! Support Our $25,000 Goal By:

          • Donating directly to the cause
          • Rounding up your Water Doctors purchase
          • Taking advantage of a Water Doctors special promotion and we’ll donate on your behalf
          • Donating supplies to support raising and training a team


          Leveraging the force of moving water for on-demand, non-electric operation.



          Twin-tank systems mean an uninterrupted supply of great, soft water.



          Kinetico’s water filtration systems remove more contaminants than any other system.

          Experience the Difference

          Non-Electric Softeners

          All Kinetico Systems are powered by the “kinetic” energy of the water now that’s green! A Kinetico Water Softener is a whole house system that treats all the water in your home. You’ll feel and see the difference at every faucet.

          Award-Winning Systems

          Kinetico’s systems are consistent award winners for their capacity, design, build-quality and unparalleled warranties. The advantages include protecting your plumbing and appliances, cleaner laundry with less fading, and softer, smoother skin and silkier hair.

          The Best Drinking Water

          Kinetico’s systems remove more contaminants than any other system. Our home water treatment systems are cleverly engineered to solve virtually any water problem and produce luxuriously soft water and worry-free drinking water all throughout your home.

          japanese visa18一19

          japanese visa18一19

          It's been pretty well-reported that Waukesha radium levels exceed federal health guidelines. Radium is a naturallyoccurring radioactive carcinogen. It is definitely unhealthy. Here is the reality: there is radium in the Waukesha city supplyit is probably not...

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          One of the more common questions we receive is about the options for drinking water filtration. Two of the leading technologies for drinking water filtration are carbon-based filters and reverse osmosis filtration. They are decidedly different technologies with very...

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          japanese visa18一19

          Removing Chlorine From Water Most folks are now aware that chlorine is unhealthy in drinking water. According toU.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk to people who drink chlorinated water is 93 percent higher than among those whose water does not...

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